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One Direction release 'Made In The A.M.' tracklisting

One Direction have finally released the tracklisting for their new album, Made In The A.M., which you can check out below.

Made In The A.M. is out November 13th.

1. “Hey Angel”
2. “Drag Me Down”
3. “Perfect”
4. “Infinity”
5. “End Of The Day”
6. “If I Could Fly”
7. “Long Way Down”
8. “Never Enough”
9. “Olivia”
10. “What A Feeling”
11. “Love You, Goodbye”
12. “I Want To Write You A Song”
13. “History”
14. “Temporary Fix”
15. “Walking In The Wind”*
16. “Wolves”*
17. “A.M.”*

* = Deluxe album bonus track

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