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ATP! Album Review: Hey Violet - From The Outside

Hey Violet's debut album From The Outside shows the quintet straying from the 5 Seconds Of Summer sounding pop-rock of their first EP and developing a sound that’s all their own. From The Outside finds them shifting firmly into the pop category—and it definitely works for them.

The band are showing that they’re growing up, too. The lyrical content has gotten more risqué since their I Can Feel It EP. Vocalist Rena Lovelis’ voice has matured and sounds fabulous on this album. Her vocals have never been better.

They do some fun things on this album as they’re experimenting with sounds. “Like Lovers Do” plays with carnival-esque music, giving it a cool, almost eerie vibe. Musically, the band sounds better than they ever have. They’re changing things up from song to song and figuring out what works for them.

There are some misses though, which isn’t unexpected with a band that’s growing up and finding their voice. “O.D.D.” is a solid song about not being able to fit in. And then, towards the end of the song, the lyric, “Fuck bitches, get money, real cash,” gets thrown in like a random afterthought.

Growing pains happen, but overall the album shows a lot of promise. Most of the songs are very strong. “All We Ever Wanted” is one you want to sing along and jump around to. The harmonies on “Where Have You Been (All My Night)” are gorgeous and really elevate the song. “Brand New Moves” is slow and slinky, one of the best on the album.

It’s an impressive debut album and we believe it’s just a hint of what Hey Violet are going to do in their career.


From The Outside is released June 16th on Hi or Hey Records/Capitol/Caroline.

Words by Lauren Jones

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