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Have Nots - 'Proud'
Jimmie Deeghan - 'Like A Map'
Kid Keeps Dancing - 'Cat Burglar'
Kyoto Drive - 'So Much Alive'
Manchester Orchestra - 'Pride'
Laconia - 'Arcadia'
Live It Out - 'I Like You, Temporarily'
Mikee J Reds - 'Living Well'
MiMi Soya - 'I Told You So'
Next Stop Atlanta - 'I'll Catch Fire'
Next Stop Atlanta - 'Always With The Drama'
Promise Me Tomorrow - 'You Haven't Seen The Best of Me'
Rules of Romance - 'Pictures'
Shoes and Socks Off - 'Throwing Opinions At Walls'
The City Calls - 'Truth or Dare'
Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! - 'If You're Gonna Dance (Like That)'

Cuba Cuba on 'Home Is The Fire'
My First Tooth Acoustic Video
Places & Numbers - 'Like Lungs Love the Air'
Next Stop Atlanta UK Tour Video
Such Gold European Tour Video Series
Tiger Please UK Tour Video
Walter Schreifels In Studio Video

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