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Video Exclusive: Places & Numbers - 'Like Lungs Love the Air'

In preparation for his new EP, 'Notes From the Dead Zone', Places & Numbers (Bobby Darling - formerly of Gatsbys American Dream) has produced several videos which sees Darling discussing individual tracks and performing acoustic songs, from his forthcoming full-length album.

Alter The Press has teamed up with Places & Numbers and Equal Vision, to exclusively showcase a video of Darling discussing a track called 'Like Lungs Love the Air', which does not appear on 'Notes From the Dead Zone,' but will appear on Darling's album next year.

'Notes From the Dead Zone' by Places & Numbers is released on November 22nd through Equal Vision Records.

1. When Time is All You Have
2. A Wizard of Earthsea
3. Tectonic
4. Notes From The Dead Zone

Further information on Places & Numbers can be seen here.

Visit for further information Equal Vision Records.

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