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Fall Out Boy announce first single and discuss new album

Fall Out Boy have announced the first single off their forthcoming album, 'Folie a Deux' will be entitled, 'I Don't Care'. The following press release was issued:

"Multi-platinum three-time MTV VMA-winning Island Records group Fall Out Boy have officially announced their upcoming new third Island album FOLIE A DEUX, to be released on November 4th 2008. The band told a packed audience about the release last night at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, when they headlined the "Rock the Vote Ballot Bash." FOLIE A DEUX was produced by Neal Avron at The Pass Studios in Los Angeles. The first single will be the track "I Don't Care." Radio dates to be announced shortly.

For FOLIE A DEUX, Fall Out Boy spearheaded a politically charged group that unveiled cryptic "Big Brother" type messages in order to support and ignite a democratic process. Impressively, the creative album roll-out garnered over 1 Million impressions in just one week online across literally hundreds of websites such as,, Live journal communities and many other popular music websites, including the band's own site, "This roll-out was started to engage people and let them tell their own stories. We came up with the beginning and the end, while the rest happened organically." says FOB bass player Pete Wentz."

The band has also commented about the upcoming album and its release coencideing with the upcoming presidential election:

"The title of the new album is Folie à Deux. It means 'the shared madness of two' — thank you,," FOB bassist Pete Wentz laughed. "It's not an overtly political record, but I'm not gonna say what it is." "And I also wouldn't say it's not a political record, it's just one of those things," frontman Patrick Stump added. "We'll just let the record speak for itself, but it is coming out on Election Day."

Folie à Deux is released November 4th on Island.

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