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Album Review: Crime In Stereo - Selective Wreckage

Crime In Stereo are a band I knew nothing about untill earlier this year, when I heard the song 'Nixon' from the band's 2007 "...Is Dead" album. I soon found out the band had released 3 albums with the latter being a change in direction from the band's earlier work.

'Selective Wreckage' documents the band's transition from the Hardcore Punk-sound of 'The Troubled Stateside' to '...Is Dead'. After the into 'Untitled' track, the album starts off with track 2, simply called 'Two', a track which could easily be mistaken for the band's last album, as well as a possible Brand New's Deja Entendu B-Side. The track demonstrates the band's exit from it's roots to a more structured and near-melodic sound. Nevertheless 'Three' see's band combining its old sound with it's new sound with a fast-paced track with added gang vocals, which could resemble The Movielife.

'Four' see's the band's old sound been displayed even more with a heavy-tempo, which soon races through, as does 'Let Me Take You Out' and 'Capitalism', which when combined together dosn't last more than 2 or so minutes.

'The Bride' again crossover's the band's different styles and 'Four X's' clearly shows the band have tighter musicianship, better crafted songs but still not losing thier punk origins. 'Love' is a bassy and shouty affair and definitly see's the band, again displaying their roots.

Closing track 'When The Women Come To Dance', see's the band mellow new sound take center stage, with a slow guitar taking over the track with a distant atsmopheric drum beat in the background, added with ambient vocals, firmy displaying the departure from the band's old sound.

On the whole 'Selective Wreckage' is a some-what complicated release, as it shows one band's transformation and at times the record does not seem to flow. Nevertheless it does clearly document how Crime In Stereo have become the band they are today, and also how producer Mike Sapone has affected their sound.

'Selective Wreckage' may not be for everyone but for those who are interested in hearing how the band changed and developed to make last year's outstanding '...Is Dead', its worth giving a listen.

'Selective Wreckage' is released through Bridge Nine Records on September 30th.
Crime In Stereo are supporting New Found Glory in the UK in November.
Visit Crime In Stereo's Myspace for more information.

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