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Recommended Website: It Could Be Mainstream

It Could Be Mainstream is a blogsite that is dedicated introducing new music, that may just be mainstream. The website promotes and features various independent acts such Sam Isaac and Mogwai.

ICBM doesn't believe in getting anything in return for getting the word out for artists we love. You'll never find advertisements on our blog and our main purpose is to spread the word about up and coming artists, whether on the verge of mainstream or not. We focus on Independent labels, although you'll find Majors as well. Our goal is to provide an easy way for our blog visitors to listen to music via streams. We provide downloads for most songs, but this is simply for sampling purposes. We never provide full LPs because we truly want our listeners to support the artists by purchasing their entire Singles, EPs, or LPs.

It Could Be Mainstream! can be interpreted in many ways, but the thought behind the blog is pretty simple - We don't listen to mainstream music for our posts, although the music we post may be mainstream... hence, It Could Be Mainstream! (or put otherwise, it may be mainstream).

Alter The Press!