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A Rocket To The Moon's Van Is Broken Into

Recent Fueled By Ramen signing A Rocket To The Moon have had their van broken into and lost $4,000 of equipment. Nick from the band posted a blog saying:

"The other day we stayed at a friends house in SLC I woke up and went outside to our van wich was parked right infront of the house to find the drivers side window smashed open with glass everywhere. I got into the van to find out that whoever did it got away with our GPS, My backpack that had my Canon XTi Digital Camera, Canon Flash and Lenses, Our Tour Managers iPod, My Bose Headphones and most importantly they got off with our Cash Box that we accidentally left in the van that night under a bench. All together we lost roughly 4 thousand dollars worth of stuff (including cash). We are doing our best to get around now and trying to forget it had ever happened. But if you guys are feeling generous and want to help us out, I set up a Pay Pal Donation page you an access by clicking the Donate button."

To donate go here.

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