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Blakfish Have Equipment Stolen

Birmingham band Blakfish have had some equipment stolen recently in Nottingham. The band posted the following blog:

We were very unfortunately robbed in Nottingham after playing a charity event, fucking ironic or what?! The show was great and we all had an awesome night, but 2 of our guitars, loads of our pedals and a head was stolen from Rich's car. We are unfortunately in a really shit position now as we are saving to record our debut album in January, but with this happening we're back at square one. If you are a loving and kind person it would be amazing if you donated a few pennies to help us get back on our feet. We will be playing a few fund raising events in Leeds, Birmingham and London so if you're able to you should come along as we will be holding raffles and all sorts of competitions.

On an other note if you live in Nottingham or are visiting any time soon next time you are walking in or around town and you pass a cash converters or a pawn shop if you have time it would be really cool if you just popped in and checked if any of the gear we've had stolen is in there. The 2 guitars that were took were a blue Ibanez Jet King, with no serial number on the back and a Red Yamaha Pacifica. There was also a whole array of Boss Pedals and a Marshall AVT 50H amplifier head. Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated and we will reward them being returned in whatever way we can. Please keep an eye out as we are really fucked at the moment."

Visit the band's myspace blog if you have any information and to look at the equipment that was stolen here.

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