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Review: You Me At Six Album Launch - London HMV Oxford Street - 06/10/08

It's wet and cold, but regardless of that, there are 200+ fans in line who want to get a glimpse of the Surrey pop-punk five piece at London's HMV on Oxford Street. Today though is a special occasion, the band's debut record has finally been released, 'Take Off Your Colours', and stakes are high as the wait is finally over.

The band receive a roaring welcome as they play a short but to the point set consisting of new single 'Jealous Minds Think Alike' and 'Take Off Your Colours'. During the set, the sound cuts during one of the songs but the fans continue to sing along to every word until the power comes back. Highlights include during one of the songs breakdowns, frontman Josh says at the shows usually they usually go wild and tells the crowd jokingly to do just that, and on demand we see hundreds of fans jump up and down as well as one fan who gets a little too into it. His friends pick him and at the same time manage to trash a CD display at the same time. Rock and Roll. The band close on the crowd favourite, 'Save It For The Bedroom', and leave the fans on one final sing-a-long where passers-by can hear chants 'SAVE FOR, SAVE IT FOR THE BEDROOM' echoing onto Oxford Street.

You can only be amazed how a band so young, can be this talented. The question is, are You Me At Six the kings of the UK pop-punk circuit? Pick up 'Take Off Your Colours' today and you decide.

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