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EP Review: The Jakes - Shake My Hand

The Jakes are an Indie Rock/Blues band from California. "Shake My Hand" starts off with "Garands at Normandie", a track that sounds fresh and blasts through the speakers with Sameer Gadhia's vocals being the highlight, as they are impressive and should be displayed in a Las Vegas show.

"Paid The Piper" starts off with a Maroon 5-like piano and steadily bounces along with friendly pop-rock chorus. The bridge sees the band writing a remember line, which will surely have the crowd soon singing along.

"Cough Syrup" is a guitar-driven track with a hard-hitting beat with the track itself being well-produced and guitars swoon in the background with Gadhia's breathy vocals on top. This track is definitely one of the highlights of the EP. "Scizophrenia" is fast-paced jazz-like song with psychedelic undertones. "Shake My Hand" is another bouncy track, that puts a smile on the listeners face with the band sounding tight, as they seem like a band who are thriving off a positive energy.

"Take Me Home" sees the band slowing things down with an acoustic track that is beautifully written and grabs your attention. "Texas Tea" is a rocking closer to the EP with a good beat and on a high point.

On the whole The Jakes are a band that sound like that they're in their late 20's or even their early 30's, whilst in fact they're just out of high school. Therefore they are band that have a mature sound which makes them stand out from the crowd. This EP clearly shows the band are passionate about what they do and where they want to go. As a collective they are tightly knit and with the added factor of well-written songs, only good things can happen to this band.

"Shake My Hand" by The Jakes is available now.

See the band's myspace for more details.

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