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Linkin Park Start Writing Concept Album Soon

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington has said the band's next album will be a concept album and will start recording in early November. Meanwhile in the same month, the band will release a Live CD/DVD set called "Road to Revolution", which documents the band's summer show in Milton Keynes.

Bennington has also said he is nearly finished with his own solo album, which he is producing with Howard Benson and is looking for a spring/summer release next year. He said the record would be "a lot more straightforward rock, with a little bit of an electronic element to it, lots of keys and snyths and stuff like that. And there are a few elements where I think you'll be able to see what my influence on (Linkin Park) is."

Linkin Park's Live CD/DVD set, "Road to Revolution" will be released on November 24th

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