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Sage Francis Records New Song To Raise Funds For RNC Arrest Defense

Political Hip-Hop rapper Sage Francis has recorded a new song called 'Conspiracy To Riot'. The track is a reaction to the recent arrests made during the Republican National Convention. One of the arrest made was Francis' close friend Jared Paul.

Sage Francis said:

“out of the thousand unjust arrests that will happen this year, why am I focusing on this one in particular? Jared Paul is a fellow Providence poet and musician. We’ve lived together, toured together, protested together, argued with one another from time to time, and shared many incredible moments over the past 15 years. He is a social worker, a community organizer, a selfless human being and a champion of justice. He’d do the same for me in return. He’d probably do the same for you.”

'Conspiracy To Riot' can be heard and downloaded at

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