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Run For Cover Records Release New Sampler

Run For Cover Records have released it's Winter sampler which contains tracks by Nightmare of You, This Is Hell and Fireworks.

The sampler can be downloaded here.


1. Fireworks - Dave Mackinder Vs. The World (from Adventure, Nostalgia And Robbery 7", out now)
2. Transit - Nameless (from Stay Home CDep out 01/20/09)
3. This Time Next Year - Cheers To A Late Night (from The Longest Way Home CDep, out now)4. Death Is Not Glamorous - Set In Stone (Soft Clicks CD, out 01/20/09)
5. This Is Hell - Cement Shoes (from Nightmare Of You / This Is Hell Split 7" )
6. Agent - Tough Lake, Mr. Muenster (from Awake In Their World 7")
7. Nightmare Of You - You Don't Have To Tell Me... (from This Is Hell / Nightmare of You Split 7")

Alter The Press!