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You, Me and Everyone We Know Announce Member Changes

You, Me and Everyone We Know have announced some line-up changes.

The following blog was posted:

"We are just east of Knoxville, Tennessee at the moment. We have alot of exciting stuff planned for this new record. We couldnt be happier with everything. We hate getting attention this way, but we figured we should give you a heads up before we get everything rolling. Ryan and Mike left the band to pursue other avenues in life just before we recorded our new CD. We are all still buds, don't worry. We wish them both the best.So, what does this mean for the band? Nothing that really affects us in a major way. I will be playing a little bit of keyboard on our tour with I Set My Friends On Fire and Karate High School and Rico will be playing guitar like the ferocious guitarist he was before he joined our band. Our friend Josh from Minneapolis is joining us through the rest of the year playing bass. It's new, it's exciting, and life is good. Come see for yourselves. Thanks for continuing to support us so far, our new record comes out on the 18th and we couldnt be more excited!!! We will see you all very soon.-Ben"

Alter The Press!