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Album Review: The Killers - Day & Age

It's that time of year when the big, successful bands release their big, new album to be swept up off the shelves from Christmas consumers. The Killers are one of those big, successful bands and the new album is "Day & Age".

This is album number 3 for the Las Vegas four piece who have came a long way since their 2004 debut "Hot Fuss". For an album with a title making a big statement, "Day & Age" expectations are rather big.

"Losing Touch" kicks off with it's party atmosphere horns before it goes along at a steady, near-uninspiring pace. In a way it slowly soothes you into an album with it's 80's American Rock vibe. Lead-off single "Human" makes you stand up and pay attention, with it's synth-lead, 80's-esque guitar and memorable lyrics, the track is everything you want The Killers to be; catchy, tight and well written.

"Spaceman" is a fast-paced track with a atmospheric undertone. Whilst "Joy Ride" is a through and through pop song with that tropical feel. "A Dustland Fairytale’ " slows things momentarily before ending on a epic Orchestra note.

The album continues with your Killers song style; memorable melodies and strong vocals from Brandon Flowers with that 80's nostalgic feel. However this is not a bad thing, as these songs such as "This Is Your Life" and "The World We Live In" are strong but at times you feel you've heard it all before.

Unfortunately the album ends on a dull, atmospheric note with "Goodnight, Travel Well". A song that drags beyond it's 6 minutes of slowly keys, distant drums and dark lyrics. For an album that started so brightly, you wouldn't expect it to end like this.

"Day & Age" shows The Killers are now a huge band with a huge fan base who, at times, can create huge songs (for example "Human"). However this album failed to grab me unlike the bands previous work. Although at times it can be uplifting, whilst there are moments where you feel like hitting the skip button, as the album seemed somewhat predictable. Nevertheless The Killers clearly show they can write good, honest pop songs for an Indie audience. One thing for sure is the band are no longer the band they were four years ago and that there fan base will keep on growing.


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