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Explosions In The Sky Release New Merch

Texas Instrumental Post-Rock band Explosions In The Sky has released new t-shirts, as well as give a brief update on the bands recent activities.

The band's myspace blog stated:

"Hello everyone,

We apologize for interrupting you with this message of shameless commerce, but we're happy to announce that we have some new t-shirts available through our online store (please go to and click on the "store" heading if you want to take a look). There are three new designs, all of which were lovingly drawn by our good friend (and artist in residence) Esteban Rey. We hope you like them.

We don't really have any other news to report. We're just at home in Austin...writing songs, changing diapers, raking leaves, eating sandwiches, playing ping pong, etc. If anything else interesting happens, we'll be sure to let you know.Thanks for caring.

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