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ATP's ROTY: #2 The Banner - Frailty

Coming in at number two was the latest installment from one of the best hardcore punk bands to ever come out of New Jersey, The Banner. 

'Frailty' is the bands best record to date. It showed the bands metal influences but still stuck to their hardcore punk roots at the same time. 

I managed to speak to frontman Joey Southside recently who told me how 2008 was for him and what we can expect next year from The Banner:

Alter The Press: How would you describe 2008 for The Banner?

Joey Southside: I suppose it was great due to the release of Frailty. We toured the whole summer but the end of that sucked due to sheisty people, bad communications and a lack of help. Still bad touring is better than good work.

ATP: Your first trip back to the UK since 2006, how was it?

JS: Amazing. I love the UK. Especially London, Manchester and Bournemouth.

ATP: Would you say 'Frailty' is The Banner's best record to date?

JS: Without question.

ATP: Who's choice to press 'Frailty' on vinyl?

JS: I begged. I also begged for 'Each Breath Haunting' on vinyl but I think thats only close to happening now.

ATP: What does 2009 hold for The Banner?

JS: Well "The Banner" as the touring entity is essentially finished. Im not saying i wont take a really good tour if offered but being the kind of band we are and the amount of kids into it. Its really just impossible to keep touring at any full clip. Unfortunately we dont get offered too many tours where I think we might really reach an audience that might be into us and at this point in the game its pretty much moot. We will be releasing more music as EPs and playing locally and day trips occasionally but its time for the next thing.

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