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Houston Calls Respond To Bassist Leaving

Houston Calls have posted a blog, responding to the recent news of Bassist Jarrett Seltzer leaving the band.

The band said:

"Hey everyone,

So as you may or may not know, Jarrett recently quit our band. He was a huge part of our band and we appreciate him a ton. As bad as this is, we are still going to continue as a band. We all love playing music together and nothing short of extreme tragedy is going to stop us. We are going on our first US tour with our new songs and we will be having a friend filling in on bass duties for now. We are also taking him to Australia with us, so don't fret, we aren't canceling any dates. Right now is a tough time in all our lives and honestly the only way we can press on is with the help of you guys. You are our support and without you we would never be where we are (as cliche as that sounds). So, I write this to ask you guys to please come out to the shows this tour, if even just to say hey outside the show and not come in, just so we know you're still with us. We all deal with problems in different ways, but surrounding ourselves with great friends is the best way of getting through the tough, arduous times. We would love nothing more than to see you guys, crash at your houses, party, and just have a great time. So with that being said; if you plan on coming out to a show and want to hang out please let us know on this blog! If you want to hang and maybe have a place for us to stay and can't afford to get in to the show say so! We'll get you into the show for free! It's the least we can do for you guys. Again, thanks for everything and we hope 2009 brings wonderful, exciting things for us AND for you guys. Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year.


Houston Calls"

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