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Throwing Paper Airplanes Go On Hiatus

British Pop-Punk band Throwing Paper Airplanes have announced they are to go on hiatus.
The band's myspace stated:

"Sadly, we're not writing or performing music together right now. We'll always be the best of friends but we just honestly don't know about the future of this band. Right now we need to be doing different things with different people.

We can't thank every last one of you enough, the endless support we have received from friends, fans and family alike has been beyond phenomenal and we hope more than anything that we've made you proud.

Our final show will be The Porterbutt in Bath on the 22nd of December and it would mean absolutely everything to us if you'd come down and sing your hearts out.

For now, I guess all we can say is; Jerry, live the dream!

Throwing Paper Aeroplanes."

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