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Album Review: Data Select Party - Hanging Out With Humans

For those who have yet to come across London's Data Select Party, they fuse an eclectic mix of indie and post-punk with a healthy dose of radio friendly vocals, quirky guitar work, with a sprinkling of gang shouts for good measure.

Data Select Party are never going to break vast musical boundaries, or revolutionise the industry, nor should they. What they will do however, is make you dance, and thats a promise.

The release is just over 20 minutes in length, with enough hooks to keep Abu Hamza happy all year, and will almost certainly provide the soundtrack for many future indie club nights, and, if justice is done, radio airplay could also be imminent.

The White Bear is an infectious opener, but the mini album is not overshadowed by one particular stand out track, with each song presenting a valid case to be considered as a single. A choice that, I, for one, would labour over.

Data Select Party are a great band, and Hanging Out With Humans is a great release. The band themselves proclaim: 'Were electric, and you know we are.' On the strength of this mini album, few would argue against them.


Hanging Out With Humans is being released via Fear & Records on February 23.

Chris Powers

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