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Album Review: LeATHERMOUTH - XO

New Jersey has done it again. LeATHERMOUTH are living proof that the best hardcore bands do come from The Garden State. Frank Iero, despite his claim to fame being the guitarist of My Chemical Romance, has returned to his roots by conjuring up 10 songs of what can only be described as, nasty, ugly and raw. Iero speaks his mind about how the world is a dark and horrible place to live in, all in a space of just over 21 minutes.

Throughout the record, you can't help but hear Iero's influnces of Black Flag and Refused thrown in. Tracks such as, '5th Period Massacre' and 'Murder Was The Case They Gave Me' steal the show.

'XO' as a whole is flawless. Its what hardcore punk should be. The only thing which could stop the band's success are My Chemical Romance's younger fans jumping on the bandwagon due to the sheer factor of Frank Iero being the vocalist.

Jon Ableson

Alter The Press!