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Review: All Leather - Los Angeles The Smell - 11/01/09

If you took one look at Justin Pearson's resume, you would be pretty impressed. At the age of 33, Pearson has played in a variety of established underground hardcore/punk bands, including Some Girls, Swing Kids, which the majority are signed to his own record label, Three One G. As of today, he is still playing bass in The Locust and now his latest creation, All Leather.

The other two members of the band (Nathan Joyner of Some Girls and Jung Sing of Maniqui Lazer) are no strangers to playing music and this being their third show as a collective, a support slot at a small venue like The Smell in downtown Los Angeles should be a piece of cake to handle.

With only a handful of songs under their belts, All Leather impress from the second they arrive on stage. The crowd realize from the moment they start, the style of music is different to the band members back catalogue. You cannot pinpoint a genre or style except that it's a mixture of early Black Dice with scattered drumming but still keeping Pearson's style of vocals.

The band plays a short but great set. Notable mentions have to go to the incredible drumming of Sung's, as well as the bands take of Ida Corr's 'Let Me Think About It'. Whilst The Locust are taking some time out, we can rest assure knowing we can expect to be seeing more of All Leather.

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