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1997 Announce New Female Singer/Keyboardist

1997 have announced Arthi Meera as their new singer and keyboardist.

The bands myspace blog said:

"hey all you sevens,

i know you all have been very patient with us waiting to hear the big news we have in store for you. well, your patience is about to be rewarded...

i would like to officially anounce the arrival of our new girl singer/keyboardist.
arthi meera!

arthi came to us like an angel in the middle of a really dark time for us as a band. we started touring with arthi soon after we lost our previous girl, and it clicked right away. at first it was only going to be a temporary thing because arthi is an extremely talented and established songwriter and artist in her own right ( but after we came back from tour, we all just missed each other way too much. we decided to start writing right away, and the outcome has been magical. our songs have never sounded this complete, and it has never felt so great to perform together. arthi is such a easy going and funny person that we all gelled together right away and have quickly become best friends. we know that this is a winning combination that will last a very long time.

we cant wait to hit the road again soon and let you guys sneak peak these amazing new songs, and see us, once again as the happy, crazy group of friends that we once were. but trust me when i say, its going to be nothing like you've ever seen or heard before..."

Alter The Press!