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Album Review: Look! Im A Ghost - A Life Aquatic

As far as EP's go, Look! Im A Ghost's 'A Life Aquatic' is a damn good effort. If you're looking for a musical revolution, you should probably stop reading, now. If however, you like pop-punk, with the emphasis on the pop, then you may be in luck!

For a band very much in their infancy, L!IAG have certainly pulled out all the stops, (or, more poignantly, pushed the boat out) with catchy hooks, clean production and great artwork. The music itself is pretty good too, with four very solid tracks. Opener 'Give It Up' provides an energetic start to the release, but the two standout tracks are 'All Along The Waterfront' and 'Sharks,' with the latter, being the band's choice for next single. 

If the band can continue to write songs to a good standard, (and this effort is a very strong indication they can) then the future could be very bright for these four Surrey based lads. The water based theme throughout, may not be original, or innovative, but it does show the band are willing to push boundaries, by bringing a concept idea to the pop-punk field. 

One word of warning though: Punctuation fans, beware. Exclamation marks halfway through sentences, and no apostrophe in I'm? Appalling stuff. But, joking aside, 'A Life Aquatic' is a very solid release, and if promoted well, could earn the band legions of new fans, and rightly so.


'A Life Aquatic' is out now, and can be bought here.

Chris Powers

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