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Review: Data Select Party - Guildford Boilerooms - 24/02/2009

Tonight's opening band Mathematics get the evening off to an energetic start, with the three-piece playing their own brand of infectious indie-pop. By the time, Look! Im A Ghost, hit the stage however, the venue had packed out considerably, (possibly owing to the fact it had been advertised as an eight start, not seven) and the extra bodies in the room add somewhat to the atmosphere, which, despite Mathematics' best effort, had remained stagnant for the entirety of their set. Look! Im A Ghost fare much better in the crown reception stakes, with their pop-punk tinged songs striking a chord with many in the crowd.

Colour, are very, very impressive. The band sound much heavier live than on record, but rather than detract from the intricacies of their music, instead the live setting reveals a raw edge to the band. 'Run Like You're Being Chased' goes down a storm with the 18+ crowd, many of whom had come specifically for them.

This tour though, is all about Data Select Party. The London based band are clearly on the ascendancy, with anticipated release 'Hanging Out With Humans' finally available, alongside airplay on Radio One, few would deny Data Select Party's headline slot. Despite the age restrictions on tonight's show, (several are left outside for being too young) DSP can clearly pull a crowd, all of whom, are up for a good time.

Performance wise, the band are extremely tight, with soaring vocal hooks, and impressive fretwork. (Guitarist James, taps like a madman for instance.) 'Ultra Swing' and 'No Girls Allowed' provide the biggest sing-alongs of the night, whilst also cementing Data Select Party's place as one of the UK's top indie-rock bands.

It's probably only a matter of time before DSP are gracing much larger venues across the country, and on the evidence of tonight's performance, the transition wouldn't be a hard one to make for the London four-piece.

The remaining tour dates can be found here.

Chris Powers

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