Alter The Press!


Once Nothing Break Up

Pittsburgh's Once Nothing have broken up.

The band released the following messege:

"Well I did have a big speech planned out but instead I'm scrapping it and just getting to the point.

After almost 10 years, countless tours, 2 vans, 4 trailers,tons of demos, an EP on CI Records and a full-length on Solid State Records, a few member changes and a million memories, ONCE NOTHING IS OVER.

"I'm sorry if this is a shock but this needs to happen. There is no other reason for this, other than the simple fact that this is the right time. All the members of ON (past and present) love and care for one another like brothers.

"On behalf of all of those involved with ON, THANK YOU! We have had the time of our lives and we will forever cherish all of the memories and stories that we have made! God Bless Everyone and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING BLUE COLLAR METAL!"

Alter The Press!