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David Soloway Leaves Saves The Day

Saves The Day have parted ways with David Soloway.

Chris Conley said this about Soloway's departure:

"As many of you now know, David Soloway is no longer playing with Saves The Day. Our partnership in Two Tongues remains intact and will continue into the future as we continue to write new music. First and foremost, I am sad that David is gone from the group, and I will feel the pain of our loss forever. When David told me he had decided it was time for him to move on, I understood his feelings and felt immediate communion. I love David first as a friend and second as a musician whom I respect and admire. My first reaction, hearing the news that I would lose my friend and partner in Saves The Day, was to disband the group, as I could not envision playing music onstage without him. After further thought, and following an intimate acoustic tour this past summer with Matt Pryor, I began to realize how much I care about our music and our fans. I realized that I do not want to stop playing this music. These songs and these years filled with irreplaceable memories mean more to me than small words can convey. I feel thanks, awe, and inspiration when I think back over the last twelve years of Saves The Day. I feel so much appreciation for the connection we have made with you, our loving and supportive audience. I feel speechless and astonished when I think of all the talented and gifted musicians I have been fortunate enough to have played with over the years. This is more than a dream come true. This is what makes me get down on my knees and thank the source of Life as we know it. I thank you, as fans, and I thank each and every musician I have had the privilege and pleasure of playing with for all of these wonderful moments and memories. More than anything, I feel the tireless need to keep pressing onwards, to keep growing, keep charging, keep this love here, together, holding on tight, not ready to let go. So, as hard as this moment is, as hard as it is to feel the sadness in my heart losing my best friend beside me onstage, I cannot stop. I must move forwards. I understand and share the pain some of you feel at this loss. I hold it in my heart. It is hard not to cry. Sometimes I do. But I love you. And I love this music. It is my heart, here for you to feel, here for you to hear. You and I are the reason to keep going. You and I share this love. I miss you, David. And I always will.
Love you,

David has said he will continue working with Chris in Two Tongues.

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