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Live Review: Fall Out Boy/Hey Monday - Brighton Centre - 08/03/09

Kicking off the show are female fronted pop-punk outfit Hey Monday. The band are well received by the young crowd, and despite the fact their album has yet to be released this side of the pond, many are singing along. For such a new band, Hey Monday deliver an assured performance, on such a large stage.

Front-woman Cassadee had everything required to keep the attention of the crowd, the looks, the energy and youthful exuberance. Highlights of their set included the single 'Homecoming,' but, the slower 'Candles' its the undoubted highlight of their set. In an interview with Alter The Press! before the show, the band confirmed they are back in May, with We The Kings. On tonight's performance, they are well worth checking out, and are certainly a band for the future. Watch this space.

Headliners Fall Out Boy are a band at the peak of their careers. They are playing venues that fives years ago seemed unimaginable, and show no signs of stopping. Obviously, the band have undergone a gradual metamorphosis from the 'TTTYG' days, and are now dominated by the pop sensibilities hinted at in the aforementioned record. This though, has served as a help rather than a hinderance for Fall Out Boy, who come to England having sold-out arenas worldwide.

Opening with 'Thanks For The Memories,' the varied set conforms to the prerequisite of appealing to old and new fans alike, despite the broadening of their genre allegiances. All of the usual suspects are included, as is the band's cover of 'Beat It.' The live show though, leaves fans in no doubt that they are at a pop concert. A stage show full of gimmicks (fire, and flashing guitars to name a few) certainly entertain the younger audience, at the risk of alienating the band's older fans. All though, are united in their views of vocalist, Patrick Stump, who's performance tonight is nothing short of breathtaking, confirming him as technically one of the best singers in the genre.

Finishing with 'Saturday,' Fall Out Boy end the set on a high. Serving as a testament to the band's back catalogue, the now archaic song takes pride of place alongside the band's newer radio hits. With Pete Wentz throwing himself into the adoring crowd, its clear Fall Out Boy have reached the pinnacle of their scene, both sides of the Atlantic. Pop music, flashing guitars, glow sticks, and screaming teen fans. It's certainly nothing new, but, it's definitely very enjoyable.

Chris Powers

Alter The Press!