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New Thrice Blog Post

Thrice have posted a new entry to their blog.

"On the music end, we’re still going through all the new songs, getting comfortable with them and finding our groove, and also going over some Bamboozle stuff. Same ‘ol same ‘ol. We’re hoping to finish up with our studio makeover and start tracking soon.

On the construction end, Ed finally finished up the last of the acoustic panels (Go Ed!) and I got busy with hanging them today. I really feel for whoever has to work around fiberglass or rockwool insulation a lot because that stuff is intense. I think I got some of it in my eyelid and I looked like Quasimodo for a bit there.


diffusers waiting to be hung/measure twice, hang once/progress/itchy quasimodo-a-fier/essentials

Alter The Press!