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Secondsmile Announce "Hiatus"

Secondsmile have announced they are to take a break after their drummer Serj left earlier this year. The band insist they are not splitting up.

The band posted the following myspace blog:

"Right, I think it’s about time we told everyone what has been happening since the turn of the year and since Serj left the band. The first few weeks were really hard to concentrate on anything band wise, I think we all feel a bit defeated. It’s like one of us had given up the fight that we always thought would be with us forever. I now think that we all feel a bit like this. I know I do.

Being in a band is a strange thing, it’s basically a 24 hour a day job, only at our level you don’t get paid diddaly squat. You spend most of your time burning CD's, promoting your music, and playing shows to 10 people - still getting paid barely enough to cover costs. You sleep on floors, if you sleep at all. Of course all this is amazing and you get to travel the world while being able to see and experiance things that most will never know. We, as a band, have had a great time always. But after a while it takes its toll physically and mentally. When we started this band we always had the same goal and drive that never changed... until the start of this year. With Serj leaving, it has changed things forever, and we now need time to figure out these changes and then carry on. We need to find the love that I feel has been lost somewhere in 2009. This time last year we were in New York recording Years and we felt it was the start of something special. We knew it was a great record and hoped that things would pick up a gear and we would maybe get a bit more attention than we did. We had a very special year indeed, but that didn’t happen and, with every other band getting bigger and bigger, it silently crushed us in to the ground. This is definitely another reason that Serj left and I don’t blame him. I know a lot of people care about this band and it’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world to hear what I have heard from people that actually give a shit. However, we still need to take a step back for a while and see what happens. The thought of trying to find a new drummer, getting to know them, learning the songs, writing new songs, recording a new album and then touring it for a whole year in every toilet venue in the country doesn’t excite me right now where in previous times it would have. I never thought id say this but its time to have a rest.

We are not spitting up and I hate the term 'indefinite hiatus' but its time to go away for a while and work out what’s going to happen. Thanks to every single person that has ever been involved in Secondsmile. There are so many people to thank I just don’t think I could fit the list on this page. Everyone from our label, to magazines and of course you, the fans that are reading this now. It’s been amazing so far and we hope to get back on track as soon as possible. Lets just say cheers, for now...."

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