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Thrice Studio Update

Dustin from Thrice has updated the bands blog and has spoke about the bands new album.

"Hey everyone. Ed is going to put some more photos up soon but he has been busy building various wooden devices to make our studio sound better.

Things are are going good. I think we’ll probably record about 13 songs, 10 or 11 or which will find their way on to the record. Major themes are starting to shape up in my head lyrically but I’ll keep them to myself for the time being.
Not listening to much because I’m writing lyrics in my head while I drive or do mundane tasks, but I have once again been listening to
Josh Ritter - The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter
which is a really great record.
Also listened to Samiam - Astray, last night while cleaning the kitchen. Mmmm. Samiam.

Watching: Mostly also while doing mundane tasks (apparently I am fairly domestic)
Lost (what the heck, no episode this week?)
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (I can’t believe I forgot to mention that before, that show is the BEST! If you watch, you know.)

Also, we’ve been Twittering quite a bit. Teppei and I just learned what Twittering was this week. We have children. But, it seems pretty cool, and now we are, tweeting? I think that’s how the cool people say it, right? Anyway, our tweeting name is OfficialThrice.

love dustin"

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