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Uhh studio journal? Yup. There was some talk early on of us trying to record this record live, and in a perfect world, we would’ve, but ain’t, so we aren’t. So we decided to group songs into “batches”; Songs that have a similar vibe musically, and tonally. We liked recording the Alchemy Index stuff in their respective batches (air/earth/fire/water) and being able to be in a similar headspace throughout each. Just a quick explanation, in case anyone is wondering.
So anyway, we ran through the next 3 songs, which is sort of the mellower group of songs, I suppose. We’ll be going for some different tones on this batch. Ri picked up some vintage drums that are a bit smaller and punchier than his usual fare of big and beefy. Should sound sweet…We’ll see on Monday.
I ended up picking up a pair of Oktava MC012’s after borrowing a pair for this recording. Cheap, good, mics. Liking them as overheads. ORTF has been my MO with them so far. Seems to get a nice, balanced image of the whole kit. Still loving my new pres. I’ve got the last one built and ready to go, but I’m waiting on a replacement op amp since I seemed to have gotten a dud. I figure this is a “studio” journal, so I can talk about lame things like that. Otherwise, I’ll just keep saying things like “we recorded guitar today”, and that’s boring. Like always, I’m up way past the time I promised myself I’d go to sleep. Now I sleep.


Karate - Some Boots
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (3 times in the last 24 hours…it’s so good)

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