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Album Review: The Honeymoon Suite - Calm Your Little Passions

The Honeymoon Suite are one of the best up and coming bands within the British pop-punk scene at the moment and their new release, ‘Calm Your Little Passions’ are 3 reasons backing up this statement.

‘The New Low’ starts off proceedings with punching drums, rocking guitars and soaring, strong vocals from David Moloney. It proves to be a winning combination and full of positive energy.

This continues with the title track, ‘Calm Your Little Passions’, where the blend of vocal harmonies and catchy chorus stands out to be the tracks strongest characteristics with bands tight yet fierce playing holding the track together well.

‘I Wish I Wished You Will’ rapidly brings the EP to a conclusion with a mix of calming guitars and a steady beat before storming off with big guitars and a chorus that will more than likely, be stuck in your head for awhile.

The Manchester 5-piece have written 3 songs that leave you desperately wanting more, as they are filled with energy, fun and passion. It is a winning recipe and they certainly have the pop-punk formula down to a tee. Overall they have the talent and the songs to definitely go on to greater things and this release shows that anything is possible for The Honeymoon Suite.


*Note: Final album artwork not ready at present.

'Calm Your Little Passions' by The Honeymoon Suite is set to be released through LAB Records on June 29th.

Visit The Honeymoon Suite's myspace or LAB Records website for updates.

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