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Interview: Bayside - 30/05/09

Jon managed to catch up with Nick and Jack of Bayside before their set supporting New Found Glory at the London HMV Forum.

The guys spoke to Alter The Press! about touring with New Found Glory, the reception of their recent record 'Shudder', being currently unsigned and plans for the future.

Alter The Press: What’s it like being back in the UK?
Jack: Great, this is the first time we've ever toured mainland Europe. We've played the UK many times but this is the first time we've managed to see other parts of Europe. But, having spent time in countries that don't speak English, it felt great to come to the UK!

Nick: The show last night in Wolverhampton was awesome and now the sun is out. It has to be the first time we've seen the sun in the UK.

ATP: How was the US tour with NFG?
Jack: Awesome. It was my favorite tour we've ever done. Way back before anything was booked, they talked about us being a part of their world tour.

ATP: This is the second time you've been to the UK with the release on 'Shudder'. How has it been received so far?
Nick: Hopefully, well. We don't know how many albums actually exist out there but we are only playing one or two songs off it every night, especially on a support tour with a bigger band. I think, overall, people like the album, but we haven't played much of it, especially in the UK. My favorite track is 'Boy' and 'A Call To Arms'. I hope to write more songs like that in the future.

ATP: Have you started writing the next record?
Nick: We don't have a record label at the moment so, that’s kind of a big thing in our lives, we need to figure who will put it out first. Anthony is always writing new things but we haven't come together as a band yet to try and start writing. The process, in some ways, has slowly started because we know we are creeping up to a time where we need to find our new label. No demos are done but we might mess around at sound check where Anthony will show us something on guitar.

ATP: You said you're currently unsigned and not with Victory Records anymore, do you have any labels in mind yet?
Jack: We haven't formally been speaking with anyone because we are still under contract with Victory, with the support of this record. Out of respect for our contractual obligation, we are refraining from speaking to anyone formally about any plans. I think we did everything we could with our time with Victory, our contract was up and it was time for us to move on and do something different. We wish them all the best in the future.

Nick: We should sign to Playtone Records!

ATP: Did you think, when signing to Victory, you would be with them for a while, or did you see it as a temporary thing?
Jack: When we signed, it was for a four record deal and we were pretty aggressive when putting them out. We had at least one release every year.

Nick: Probably more than that, there are 7 total releases.

ATP: How did you get involved with To Write Love On Our Arms?
Nick: We met them on the Anberlin tour we did a year ago. Jamie was really passionate and believes in what he does, it's rare to find that nowadays. It's a good cause and he's a great guy.

ATP: What's planned after this tour?
Nick: Two weeks off and Warped Tour.

Jack: Hopefully some time off after, we've been on tour for 5-6 months straight so, it'd be great to be home for about a month or so.

ATP: Any plans to come back to the UK?
Jack: I'd say 2010. We'll be situated on a new label, maybe some UK press, a record out. It would be nice. We want to thank everyone from the UK for coming out. We know we have a big group of die-hard fans that come out to the shows and are doing a good job by getting their friends to check us out. It's nice to see what happened to us back home, start to happen in other places outside of the US. So, thank you.

- Jon Ableson

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