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Search The City Go On Hiatus

Search The City have decided to go on hiatus. More information can be found by clicking read more.

What's up with us?
Hey everyone!
Seems like forever... Sorry for that. I guess I'm just going to dive right in. The story goes something like this:

Toured our butts off for 3 years, and on what was gonna be our very last tour, because to be honest we just couldn't afford it anymore, Jimmy Ryan came along. For those of you who've had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ryan you know what a great guy he is, and he believed in us and wanted to sign us to our dream label tooth and nail. Two months after that tour we were in Florida recording a fire so big... Then back to touring, and what seemed to be a tough break every time we were on the road. On our very first tour after making the album, the headlining band we were out with broke up in the middle of the tour out in california, leaving us 2000 miles from home and broke, and it seemed like this set the tone for the next year. Honestly though, we didn't have it much worse than most bands, we were just burnt out, or at least I was. We racked up quite a debt, and I decided to stop touring for a while. Jim wanted to be on the road, so he started playing with some friends, and the rest of us slowy, started writing the next album. It just wasn't coming together, so, we just stopped working on stuff. Adam and I got married soon after that (no, not to each other, hah). And that's really where we've left search the city since. Adam has been working on his solo stuff called "the rescue letter", Alex and Spoony started a new project called "Like Flaming Globes" and Jim and I, who hadn't spoken for a while have started working on a project, and we're really excited about it.
Nobody hates anyone, we're all still friends, and I think we might go on a bike ride together this weekend:) We're not really sure what we'll do with stc in the future, time will tell. I'm sorry to everyone who's been waiting for us, and I can't tell you how much we miss you all. Thanks for all the support we definitely don't deserve. God bless.

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