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The Honeymoon Suite Cancel EP Launch Party

The Honeymoon Suite have unfortunatly had to cancel their EP launch party, due an injury in the band.

Full details can be read by clicking read more.We seem to be having nothing but setbacks at the moment!

About 6 weeks ago now, Scott broke his hand which forced us out of action on the live circuit for a while, and as a result we had to cancel some shows. Now, he's about a week away from full fitness and Jonny has fractured his elbow.

This means (this is killing me to write) we're gonna have to cancel our EP launch party on the 1st of July at Moho (although we're currently trying to sort out something special to take it's place). All of our other upcoming shows are also cancelled, except the Satan's Hollow LAB Showcase show, which we will now be playing acoustic.

We're so sorry about this, but we promise we'll set up something crazy-insane-mega-awesome when we're back up to full strength.

Any chance of putting a smile on our faces?

If you preordered our new CD that might help :) We'd appreciate it so much and throw in all manner of extra goodies into your parcel! (Whey)

Chin up, chest out and turn it around.

Love you long time

Matt xo

Alter The Press!