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Live Review: Brand New, Kevin Devine & Moneen - Manchester Academy 23.06.2009

With indie rock heavyweights Kings of Leon and pop comeback kings, Take That playing elsewhere in the city of Manchester, you would think some people wouldn't care about seeing some alternative rock band from New York. Well you would be wrong. Manchester Academy is sold out with two thousand plus in attendance, all eager to see a long overdue return to the UK for Brand New.

However before the headliners, Canadian band Moneen bring their brand indie rock to the stage, with a set that starts with 2006's 'The Red Tree' opener 'Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do' and goes on to include tracks such as 'If Tragedy’s Appealing, Then Disaster's an Addiction' and a preview of the bands new album, 'Believe'. Throughout the bands set, the harmonies between guitarist 'Chris 'The Hippy' Hughes' and front man Kenny Bridges are spot, with Bridges' erratic stage presence being a highlight of the bands set.

Shortly after Brooklyn's Kevin Devine comes on stage with his 'Goddamn Band' in a set that heavily includes tracks from his new album, 'Brother's Blood', with the albums title track and lead off single, 'I Could Be With Anyone' standing out alongside a cover of Nirvana's 'School' and an old favourite, 'Just Stay'. Those expecting Devine to stick with just acoustic guitar, will be pleasantly pleased with his loose, rockier side.

By the time Brand New step on stage, expectation is at reaching point and from the first drum beat of opener 'The Shower Scene', the crowd are in the palm of the bands hand. On top of this, front man Jesse Lacey promises after the 2nd song ('The Quiet Things No Ever Knows'), that there will be little talking and they're just going to go for it, which they certainly do. Throughout a set that stretches for 90 minutes and the bands whole back catalogue, the five piece aim to please and can not put a foot wrong.

Song after song the crowd sing back every word, especially during the touching 'The No Seatbelt Song', as well 'Play Crack The Sky'. Whilst halfway through the set, the band concentrate more on their last album, 'The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me', with 'The Archers Bows Have Broken' and 'Jesus Christ' getting the best response.

In addition to this, fans are treated to a preview of two songs from the bands forthcoming 4th record. 'Gasoline' is a steady number with Lacey's vocals screeching and being as passionate as ever, whilst 'Bride' follows a similar style and at the same time, hints at the next step the band will take, more energetic yet keeping the same lyrical sentiment, the band have firmly established.

Overall Brand New deliver exactly what you expect and then some; 90 minutes of flawless passionate, energetic alternative indie rock, that leaves you with the feeling that they're best band in the world and can do no wrong, something I'm sure a majority of the 2,000 plus would agree with. In conclusion, the sooner Brand New release a new record, the better, as tonight is a reminder of how different and innovative this band are in this so-called scene.

Brand New Setlist:

The Shower Scene
The Quiet Things No One Knows
The No Seatbelt Song
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
Okay I Believe You, But Tommy Gun Don't
Jaws Theme Swimming
Play Crack The Sky
Sowing Season
The Archers Bows Have Broken
Jesus Christ
You Won't Know
Welcome To Bangkok

Sean Reid
Photo courtsy of Tom Dickins.

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