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Album Review: Outcry Collective - Articles

With shows alongside This Is Hell, Maylene and The Sons of Disaster and A Day To Remember under their belt. Surrey 4-piece Outcry Collective finally unleash their first full-length, 'Articles' (or 'a r t i c l e s'). This self-produced effort is a mix of hardcore and dirty rock n' roll with plenty of soaring riffs thrown in for good measures.

Throughout it stomps and roars, as Stephen Sitkowski's raspy, aggressive voice rips through tracks like 'Out of My System', 'Homecounty Killer' and 'Straight From The Throat'. This is all backed up by pounding drums and guitar riffs that take over and dominate (see 'Saviour Stranger'). Whilst 'A Great Day For The Crows' is fierce and fast, filled with adrenaline and have a classic rock aura, along with a bit of attitude and swagger.

'Prepare Yourself For The News' is perhaps the lightest track on the record, it still has that dark and dingy tone the band have crafted so well. However 'Crystal Clear' sees the band at their rockiest, with a chorus that will have you singalong and pumping your fists in the air. Closing track, 'Clock House' unravels and unwinds with it's thumping beat and heavy, blues-y bass line bringing this tight, 10 track beast to an end.

'Articles' is the kind of record that grabs you by the neck and drags along the floor, as Outcry Collective roll through with a combination of raw bass lines, impressive guitar riffs, Sitkowski's hoarse vocals and drums that stamp all over. At times not the most original ideas are used but the method of these ideas are pulled off well, as Outcry Collective leave you battered and bruised yet asking for more.


'a r t i c l e s' By Outcry Collective is available now through Visible Noise.

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Sean Reid

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