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Album Review: Shotdeadinvegas - Shotdeadinvegas EP

Birmingham 5-piece, Shotdeadinvegas, new offering is a fast-paced mix of driving rock with the occasional soft melody thrown here and there. 'Move Your Lips Like This' kicks things off with heavy guitars and punching drums that instantly bring the EP to life. Whilst 'Meet the Protagonist' shows the bands more melodic side; soft guitars and vocals guide the track through to a fierce and tight mix of post-hardcore. A live acoustic track,'Save Me' closes the EP and shows the band's slightly emotional side and ability to mix vocal harmonies well.

Shotdeadinvegas show some promise here, with the bands tight-knit performance standing out. However a few tweaks could be made, especially in the vocal department but this shouldn't bring down the band's momentum, as these 3 tracks shows a band on the up and have space to grow.


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Sean Reid

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