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On Our Stereo: Viva Sleep by Guest Writer - Tom Beck of Walnut Tree Records

The latest installment of 'On Our Stereo' comes from Mr. Walnut Tree Records himself, Tom Beck.

Walnut Tree Records in started off the back of Walnut Tree zine and distribution in 2007, with releases from the likes of The Wonder Years, Valencia and Four Year Strong being distributed.

Soon the label joined with No Order Records to release Paige's 'If You Say So'. This was followed up with the release of Portman's 'From Here To Your Eyes and Ears' with Pep Rock records. Walnut Tree's first independent release was Waiting For Sirens self-titled release in 2008.

Since then the label has gone from strength to strength with further releases from Portman and the label's latest signing Bayonets releasing their mini-album in early 2009.Later this year Walnut Tree will join up with Punktastic Records to release 'Un-Scene 5', which will raise funds for the Everyman Cancer Charity and is released on August 1st.

Tom has kindly taken some time out to tell us about Viva Sleep.

'I was trawling through Punktastic Un-Scene 5 submissions and came across an email from a very familiar name in Neil Kennedy. Neil produced and recorded Waiting For Sirens debut EP (the first record released independently by Walnut Tree Records) but this was finished by the time I was involved – so it was a nice surprise to find he was in such an awesome band without me knowing! Viva Sleep remind me a lot of Hey Mercedes, its edgy and progressive in places – but at the same time quite easy to pick up and love in moments.. I’ve chosen their track “Say Grace” to appear on my Un-scene 5 release in August and I’m really excited to be able to showcase this band to a wider audience. Although they’ve only been around for a few months they’ve put together a very solid EP and one which I fear might be over looked by a lot of people, but it’s currently up for streaming on their myspace page and this gives you the perfect chance to check them out!'

Viva Sleep's EP is streaming on their MySpace.

More information on Walnut Tree Records can be found here.

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