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Album Review: Not Advised - Fight For This EP

The summer may becoming to a close but for Southampton's Not Advised that doesn't mean to an end of feelgood, upbeat pop-punk songs. Their new EP, 'Fight For This' is full of vibrant energy that leaves you with a big smile beaming across your face.

Opener 'Red Light Situation' storms in with a massive, catchy chorus that sets the standard high for the rest of the EP. This is followed by 'Right Now', a track that keeps up the momentum despite its softer verse that explodes into pop-punk singalong territory.

Whereas 'The A.R.K.' has more structure and a more laid back approach, but the band stick to their pop-punk roots. Next is 'Jane Says Left' that bursts into life with a standard "woah!" before settling into a relaxed verse, then picks up pace with quick guitar riffs and and vocals that demand crowd involvement at their live shows.

'The World's Not Ready' rounds off the EP perfectly, with impressive vocals from Jim Thomas and is filled with pop-punk goodness with a satisfying chorus. This is something that can be said for the EP on the whole.

'Fight For This' is a big statement from a band on the rise, and with this showing they rightly earn all the credit they receive in the future. As Not Advised have crafted and perfect the pop-punk sound down to a tee, as they have the right formula by not being to poppy and not being too heavy. It is an ideal and winning combination, that will hopefully make them go far.


'Fight For This' EP is released on September 14th through ....Is A Rockstar Records


Sean Reid

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