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Album Review: Twin Atlantic - Vivarium

From the diverse music scene of Glasgow comes Twin Atlantic and their debut full-length, 'Vivarium', a record that if filled with passionate vocals and tight guitar riffs. Opener 'Lightspeed' is a through and through rock track, that hints at complete chaos underneath but the 4 piece hold it together well, which leads into a hooky chorus.

'Old Grey Face (And The Way Of The Magenta)' stomps in with a laid back swagger. Whilst 'You're Turning Inot John Wayne' is rich in texture and keeps up the momentum, with a powerful guitar-driven chorus and interesting lyrical theme of Americanism.

'Caribbean War Syndrome' and 'Better Weather' are drawn out and on the whole, a bit long. However they show the bands ability to more than a straight rock band. Whereas tracks like 'Audience And Audio' continue the fast-paced, slightly complex rock that could easily be mistaken for fellow Scots, Biffy Clyro.

Nevertheless 'Vivarium' is a decent record that compliments the fact that, Twin Atlantic are constantly gaining new fans on both sides of the pond. It also backs up whatever hype for the band has. On face value you could mistaken them for your run-of-the-mill rock band. However on further listen, Twin Atlantic show they are able be complex which shows much promise and potential.


'Vivarium' by Twin Atlantic is released on September 17th through Red Bull Records.

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Sean Reid

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