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Album Review: BlessTheFall - Witness

Earlier this year Fearless Records added Pheonix, Arizona's BlessTheFall to their ever expanding roster. For the band it was a whole new start, new label and a new singer in Beau Bokan, after Craig Mabbit left the band due to personal reasons (and then joined fellow metalcore band, Escape The Fate). The band's second full-length 'Witness' sees the band continuing their hard-hitting, riff-filled brand of screamo.

All the usual characteristics are here; breakdowns, screaming vocals mixed with Bokan's somewhat catchy voice, deep powerful guitars etc. If you're a fan of the genre, you know what you're getting. 'What’s Left of Me' contains all the above and sets the tone for the rest of the album. All very predictable yet impressive.

Throughout tracks like 'To Hell and Back' and 'God Wears Gucci' makes good use of the duelling vocals of Bokan and screamer (and bassist) Jared Warth, with Bokan especially shining through.

Whilst 'Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted' clearly shows the impressive talent of guitarists' Eric Lambert and Michael Frisby. This is all backed up a very favourable chorus melody, as Bokan's vocals compliment the guitars brilliantly.

Whereas 'Last Ones Left', and 'We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead' shows the band heavier, more fierce side. As pounding drums and distorted guitar riffs take over Warth's screams and growls dominate. 'Stay Still' calmly brings the album to a close, with Bokan's comforting vocals leading the way to a conclusion that is fitting and epic.

Although BlessTheFall lack in terms of diversity and variation, they make up for this in musicianship, as they are able to create an atmosphere that is grand yet raw at the same time. It is this combination that makes this a record you will want to listen to more than once. Despite its predictability, 'Witness' is consistent throughout and clearly shows 5 guys who have made a fresh start and are comfortable with what they do in their metalcore skin.


'Witness' by BlessTheFall is available now in the US and from October 26th on Fearless Records.

BlessTheFall on Myspace and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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