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Album Review: Tiger Please - They Don't Change Under The Moonlight

Tiger Please are the latest of many bands to come out of Wales and with their debut EP 'They Don't Change Under The Moon Light', a record that is the first step for a band who could well be on to good things.

'Strawberry Moon' starts off the EP beautifully with its complex affected guitars and subtle strings that compliment's lead singer Leon's rich, warm vocals. When this is all brought together, the band enable themselves to create a grand but delicate sound that sounds pleasing. Add to this group vocals in the tracks conclusion and you're left with a superb start.

After one of many interludes, 'The Armada' shows the bands indie rock side at a steady pace, where once again Leon's vocals manage to grab the listeners attention, as the bands lyrics are delivered with delicacy and passion.

Elsewhere 'No Hero In Heroin' makes good use of the soft-loud structure, as a gentle verse leads into a chorus with subtle, distant guitar chords that shows the bands slower wide, as well as their tendency to be more than your standard rock band. All this brilliantly leads to the band letting it all loose at the end.

'Without Country' is a favourable track that features Neil Starr from fellow Welsh rockers Attack! Attack! on guest vocals. Its upbeat tone and memorable lyrics shows the bands ability to possibly become a mainstream radio band, as it has all the characteristics to become one.

On 'This Side of Town' the band and vocalist Leon are able to create a haunting and mesmerizing tone that is complimented by the bands laid back performance and steady pace. This atmospheric tone leads up to a bold and near-anthemic sound.

'Lights and Sounds' sweetly closes the EP with sweeping strings and nice guitar tone that nicely gives way to a strong full band performance which hints at a slight post-rock sound similar to that of Explosions In The Sky.

On the whole Tiger Please have taken a big step to stepping out of the Welsh wilderness, as 'They Don't Change Under The Moonlight' proves to be an EP that shows the ability to write and structure songs well. In addition to this, musically they show they have depth and are not scared of using the occasional effect here and there.

I look forward to the bands full-length as it has a lot to live up to, but the confidence shown here gives a feeling that they will be able to fill this expectation.


'They Don't Change Under The Moonlight' by Tiger Please is available on Walnut Tree Records from next Monday.

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Sean Reid

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