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PlayRadioPlay B-Sides Album Details

Details of PlayRadioPlay's double b-sides album 'Besides, Nothing (B-Sides and Rarities, 2003-2009)' can be seen by clicking read more.

Disc 1: Besides (2009-2006)
1. Chupacabra
2. Nursing Home Hallways
3. Things Are Different Now Than They've Ever Been
4. You'll Swim 'Cross the Sea
5. Words That You've Hear Before
6. Mindy's Secret Song
7. The Newcomer of Seven Years
8. 1989
9. Selfish Introvert
10. Urth Cafe
11. Free Shit
12. Decipher Reflections From Reality (Re-Done Version)
13. Decipher Reflections From Reality (Original Version)
14. Dead Snail's Pace
15. Happy B-Day Madi
16. We've Been Searching the Sky For Answers (Re-Done Version)
17. We've Been Searching the Sky For Answers (Original Version)
18. Sailin' the Seven Seas Alone
19. Oh, Happy Neighbor
20. Symmetry

Disc 2: Nothing (2006-2003)
1. Bound To Get Caught
2. Juice Box, Paper Hat, and a Line of Pixie Sticks
3. Same Outfit
4. I'm Guessing There's a Pill For That
5. The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 (Re-Done Version)
6. The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 (Original Version)
7. Introduce Facts for the Sake of Fiction (Re-Done Version)
8. Introduce Facts for the Sake of Fiction (Original Version)
9. Jello
10. Let It Shine
11. Easy to the Slaughter
12. Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion
13. There Are Cooler Ways to Die
14. 1-2-3-Entertain
15. This Silly Page Is My Favorite Place
16. Faint
17. Arcade Anthem
18. Abe Lincoln's Oldschool Alibi
19. I'm Thinking of a Number Between 1 and 10...
20. Either This Man is Dead or My Watch Has Stopped

Statement from Daniel Hunter (PlayRadioPlay!):
I learned my lesson after releasing The Frequency EP that people don't want remixed, redone, remastered versions of old songs. People want the old song, period. So that's what I've done here. These are all the original songs in their original forms. Decipher and We've Been Searching the Sky, which both were rerecorded, both appear twice on the album. Once in their original form, and once in their re-done form.

The album is ordered in approximate reverse-chronological order, meaning: when you play it from the beginning of Disc 1 to the end of Disc 2, you start with my newest material, venture through my old material, and then eventually descend into some of the strange, horrible-sounding early demos I recorded that were recorded before I had even coined the name PlayRadioPlay.

This should be a pretty special release for anyone that has enjoyed (or perhaps hated) watching my musical progression from point C to point Q.

This b-sides album will be released alongside my new Analog Rebellion album, "Ancient Electrons" in January. I will be setting up a pre-or
der in December with several package deals for those than plan on buying both.

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