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A Skylit Drive Update

An update from A Skylit Drive can be found below.

Guitarist Lee Duckposted:

"It has been quite a while since we have told you guys what we have been up to. We have gotten many great tryouts for the audition spot of our vocalist, and we appreciate as a community the number of people who have sent stuff to us. This time around looking for a vocalist, we want to make sure it is absolutely the perfect person for us. So despite how much we want to just get back on the road and play more shows (believe me, we are bored out of our minds), we are focusing on writing new material and making the very best choice for the frontman spot. We have a handful of really great singers that we are putting to the test through a makeshift "American Idol" you might say, giving each of them new songs of ours to work on to see their writing and musical ability. The day that we decide upon our singer will be the day that you know as well. We are very excited for the future of the band, and are already booking shows for 2010. If you can get a chance, please check out our merch over at MERCHNOW WEBSTORE and please buy something, as that will directly help us sustain ourselves during this tough transition period for us (no shows, no money!) I am also trying to update the band's myspace as much as possible, as we have been so busy with writing that we have neglected adding up new pictures. Thank you so much for all of your constant support of us and expect the most amazing lineup ever gazed upon by mortal men in the coming months. 再见!- Lee"

Alter The Press!