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Album Review: Daylight - Sinking

Powerful, raw 90's-influenced post-hardcore is the basis for Doylesville, Pennsylvania's Daylight. This 5-track EP called 'Sinking' from start to finish, with their influences such as Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker shamelessly showing throughout with 'Enough' opening the EP at a fierce pace with passionate delivery from the whole band.

It leads nicely into 'The Best' with its dark, somewhat emotional tone that breaks through to an all out fast-paced garage punk rock onslaught, that ideally fits the bands style and ambition. Whilst 'You're Not My Father' and the title track, 'Sinking' come and go nicely, with the former making good use of a subtle melody and distant vocals. The latter is perhaps Daylight at the most aggressive and passionate with Jake Clarke's screams punching their way through the bands fierce post-hardcore/punk rock sound.

'Seeing and Hearing' rounds off the EP well, as it combines the best parts of the bands repertoire and combines that together well; dual-vocals that battle for attention, fierce drums and calm melodies that brilliantly pulls off into a full band instrumental towards the end.

On the whole 'Sinking' proves to be a very promising EP, that leaves you wanting more as these 15 minutes, is far to brief for a band like Daylight, who have ridiculous amount of energy and passion for what they do.


'Sinking' by Daylight is available now through City of Gold Records (UK)/Get This Right Records (US).

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