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Album Review: For The Common Wealth - This Is Where I've Been

London-based solo artist For The Common Wealth is known in some circles as the ex-singer of the now defunct band, Tonight Is Goodbye. 'This Is Where I've Been' is FTCW's 2nd album, a self-produced, self-released (and free) record that is more or less your usual acoustic emo-pop, that comes in at a bit too long at 40 minutes.

Although tracks like 'Quiet Talk' and 'Hold It Down' show a bit of variety, with the former making good use of subtle keys that add depth. Whilst 'Represent' is one of the highlights, with FTCW's soaring vocals and pleasant sounding keys combining well.

Unfortunately his attempt of experimentation on 'Do What You One Two' does not come off to well; auto-tuned vocals and electronic beats, although it adds variety to the constant acoustic numbers, it does not suit the record overall tempo and sticks out like a sore thumb.

As you may have guessed by now, 'This Is Where I've Been' is filled with acoustic numbers, which for some is fine but the problem is very few manage to stand out and many get lost in the mix. Tracks like 'Some People Come Around' and 'Liars In Love' all sound very nice and clean, but for the most part they don't have the time to grow and by the time you reach the later stages of the album, you've had enough and want something more lively, which is delivered with 'Do What You One Two', but as already stated its just not what you want.

Overall For The Common Wealth does have song-writing talent but musically he comes off dreary and his sound quickly becomes dull. However if you're looking for something relaxing with a youthful backbone, then 'This Is Where I've Been' is the record for you.


'This Is Where I've Been' by For The Common Wealth is available for free through his MySpace here.

Sean Reid

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