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Breathe Carolina Added to ATP 2010.01 Compilation

'The Dressing Room' by Breathe Carolina will be included on our 'ATP 2010.01' compilation, which will be released on January 4th.

'Turn Up The Radio' by The Great State Race has also been added to the track listing, which can be seen below.

The Wonder Years - Melrose Diner
Life On Repeat - Southern Girls
This Time Next Year - New Sensation
Tell It To The Marines - My New Best Friend
Pharaohs - Space Is A Waste of Space
Tiger Please - Without Country
So Many Dynamos - New Bones
Bury Your Dead - Hurting Not Helping
These Furrows - Without Manner You Grace Us
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely State) - What Safe Mean

Full track listing for 'ATP 2010.01' can be found here.

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